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Hola world!
I have been off the ol' deviantart for a bit, just struggling to keep up (hey everyone! Stop uploading so much good stuff all the time, okay?)
So I am going to to a bit of a massive art dump on y'all.. I've got mostly illustrations for you today, but keep and eye out, should be uploading a bunch of dolls and crafts real soon.

I am gonna TRY REAL HARD to keep things updated here a bit more regularly!

Just in case that is a lie though, I am more on top of my instagram these days, so if that's your kinda thang head over and follow me there, I'm hannakinart.
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Hello lovely people,

Just writing a journal entry as a bit of a heads up!

I am participating in the Daily Draw February challenge over on Satellite Soda

I'm not sure how finished each of my pieces will be, but I am going to be trying my darndest to do something EVERY DAY for the month of Feb, and wont necessarily be uploading everything here on dA.

If you're interested you can follow my thread here.

My super talented brother :iconmr--jack: has also accepted the challenge, along with some other really great artists, so it's worth checking out!
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The Finders Keepers is a series of large markets that happen once or twice a year in Australia; I think just in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne. I had a stall at the recent Melbourne Market, which went for two days, 20th and 21st of April (probably should have posted this just before the market, rather than after, in case there was anyone in Melbourne who would have gone! sorry!)

Anyway, I was recently a featured designer on The Finders Keepers Blog, apparently I have a "creative label"! How exciting, who knew? You can read an interview with me if you clicky-click the link!

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Hello lovelies,

I've been meaning to get around to this for a while,
I've created a Tumblr

So if you are a regular there and are interested in things I do,
you might as well jump on and follow me there as well!

I will be posting some things that you wont see here as well!

All the bestest! :aww:
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Hello lovely people!

Just letting you know that my happy-go-lucky nature-loving comic Nature Enthusiast has been featured
on Potluck Comics ( ) and it's put me in the draw to win some love! (and/or money)

So if you love me (say that you love me!) go and show my comic some love, HERE:…

Please and thank you!? :aww:

Nature Enthusiast by Hannakin
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How's it all going? Tell me what's new!

I'm pretty well, I've been selling prints and cards and plushies and other pretty doo-dads at a couple of artists markets around Melbourne,
and I'm really enjoying it! I really love the social aspect, people come along and want to talk to you about your work, and say nice things! It makes me cheery...

Anyway I haven't uploaded a lot lately because I haven't been doing a lot of drawing (sad face) and I've been doing a lot of work on replenishing my market stock, but I've just started a new sketch book, and I -think- I'm managing to get back into it! *fingers

It's winter (just about) here in the Southern Hemisphere, and drinking tea in a scarf and hat while people peruse my goods is just the thing!
It feels like sewing and baking weather, and I'm feeling content and inspired...

OH! A couple of prints on my etsy store are on sale at the moment, I only had a few left of these and am making them 1/2 price! Have a look if you're interested!
Onwards by Hannakin   You've Gone Wrong by Hannakin   Deviation... by Hannakin   Light on the Hill by Hannakin   It's Pretty Cold in Space by Hannakin
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Hello everyone!

Just a Journal to say I've been a busy bee and have uploaded more Cards and prints to my Etsy store!

Some new prints available:
Onwards by Hannakin I Think They Like You by Hannakin A Successful Outing by Hannakin

Some new cards available:
Enjoy Your Day by Hannakin Dinosaur and House by Hannakin

AND and extra special Christmas sale on this card!:
Happy Joyness by Hannakin

There's a bunch of other new prints and cards too, so go on over and check it out!
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Hello everyone!
I have exciting news! I've got an Etsy store up and running!

You can go and have a look at it here!

I've got some little cards for sale, and these prints are currently available:

Come With Me by Hannakin Parade Onwards by Hannakin Such Great Heights by Hannakin

I've also got these two plushies up for sale:

Hatchling by Hannakin Badger Pants by Hannakin

I'm planning to make more prints available, so if there are any particulars you are interested in, let me know!

Any feedback will be appreciated!
Tina Trineer is cool, THAT'S who!

She makes pretty hats and other items from recycled fabrics, wool and materials, which is lovely for a start, but they are super sweet too!

Perhaps a lot of you are hitting spring right now, but down under it's getting colder, and I think her creations are just the thing! So I wanted to do a super special feature! LOOKSEE!

side of bison hat by TinaTrineer   etsy shop mascot by TinaTrineer 'wild thing' by TinaTrineer   back of fox hat - unfinished by TinaTrineer

Tina also has an Etsy store, where you can see some of her lovely creations which are for sale, as well as have a peek at her adorable son who is modelling a bunch of her hats!
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Hello all (/some)!
Welcome to my journal that has not been updated for some time!

Thanks to the kind :iconjevist:, I'm now all premium-y member like! And do you know what that means? It means if anyone is actually paying attention, I can draw your current attention to some people I think are real swell! Take a look!

Some favourites from my favourites:
Drunkship of Lanterns by Mr--Jack  :thumb138147207:   Fondit Oddle by Jevist   0027 by TangerineSeeds :thumb129824703:

Mature Content

Whoowoo WOO by Sundevar

Some people who are so gosh darn swell and super inspiring at the moment:
Shouting Furry Creature by pink-porcupine   Hi Again by MumblingIdiot   outer carrots by Ungat-trunn  :thumb123231628: catmouth by StefanThompson i found eggs and... by grelin-machin
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And whom do much of the inspire kind right now time! Lines and stitches all!

:iconmr--jack: and :iconhomesickpipe: and :iconjevist: and :iconungat-trunn: and :iconsundevar: and :iconbenjaminties:!!

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Stuff is good!
Stuff is fun!
Stuff is good like a varnished bun!

Hello Sir/Madam,

I am updating my journal!

Now let me see... nearing end of year, many things to do. Stress. Doing nothing about it.

Want do be CREATIVE, don't know what to do... Blank space lives in my head.

Right now I'm inspired by these people:
Tagged by :iconhomesickpipe: . Gotta share 8 secrets about myself here...
this is hard... secrets...gah!

1) I like dinosaurs. But that's not much of a secret.

2) One time, at about age five, when me and my brother were playing outside I told him I had some tasty berries for him, so he should close his eyes and open him mouth. I put rabbit poo in his mouth (no tasty berries) and ran... I'm sorry :iconmr--jack: !!

3) I own both a Christina Aguilera (sp?) and a Beyoncé album. I'm so sorry. I was young.
There is even another CD that is worse, and I wont even mention it.
I'm even more sorry... I still listen to the unmentionable sometimes... (bad girly pop makes me feel happy sometimes...)

4) I was sitting in the dentist waiting room reading the books just after my first filling ever (around age 3 or four) because my dad was getting his teeth done too... and my lip was numb which I wasn't used to, so I chewed it... A while later I noticed a substantial amount of blood on the front of my dress. I had taken a decent gash out of my lip... which didn't hurt at the time... but then the drugs wore off...

5) We are overly emotional. Irrational. Stupid. But you understand me and I understand you. And we are in love. It's perfect. Forever endeavour.

6) I'm the shit of the family. (that is... the annoying, less talented one... I'm also a drama queen... there you go)

7) I usually semi or entirely plan my outfits the night before... I'm just that lame.

8) I made my best friend in grade one pee her pants with laughter. I felt kinda guilty. But she could have gone to the toilet sooner...

heh, I don't feel like I have gotten anything off my chest... only that I suck as a human being...
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- Choose a singer/band/group.
- Answer using ONLY titles of songs.
- Tag 3 more people

*Sigh* I choose Muse.

1. Are you male or female?: Hoodoo (hehe, we're not off to a good start...but Hoodoo is such a fun word!!)

2. Describe yourself: Hysteria

3. What do people feel when they're around you?: Feeling Good (I was going to say Apocalypse Please.. heh, but I don't think that's actually true)

4. How would you describe your previous relationship?: Time is running out

5. Describe your current relationship: Bliss

6. Where would you want to be now?: Falling away with you

7. How do you feel about love?: Endlessly

8. What's your life like?: Take a bow (I'm too dramatic, see?)

9. What would you ask for if you had only one wish?: Butterflies & Hurricanes

10. Say something wise: The Small Print

I don't know if any of that worked...hehe...
and I don't know who to tag, who will actually do it?
well I'll tag just one: :iconmr--jack: (and check out his gallery too!)

EDIT: :iconbetteo: is taggeded also...
I am in an uploady mood. and so... am going to do some.. of that... this is a journal to tell you...
Hello, I am uploading deviations.


Also, don't forget to check out :iconmr--jack:
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I don't even have any words and everything.

I ought to though as it's been such a very long time since I had le update!

"More from :iconmr--jack: is always fun, so check it out."

P.S. Watch for zombies... They's danger...
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To update my journal that is...


I have been going through ALL my deviations in the last few days and cleaning some up (i.e. the older sketches which were looking a bit messy) for example:… and…
are some of the now cleaner ones...

I have also been making one's that were boring to me better... or more interesting, doing some small stuff in PS to alter them. e.g:… has changed colours… is cuter… has a glow
and… is different completely

ALSO I have made some little sections in my gallery now... I have a Drawings Section, Binky, Digital work, Plushies and Photography...

AND FINALLY I have added a few Deviations just tonight, and more are on the way soon. WATCH OUT!

(PLUS I made it to 2000 page views without noticing. A little victory dance is in order...
Thanks to all those watching :aww:)
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So Christmas almost...
Pretty exciting. Jolly season and all that. But I prefer Jolimont. Good times.
Giant Horse.
Little house.
Park drenching.
Dog Fetching.
River leaping.
Fish traps.
Fast Swinging.
....And plools.


I feel... a bit better than I have. I mean, things are about to get hard, but I am prepared because... well, I'm not really but it's gonna... It just is.

There is a game, I wonder if you have heard of it?
It's called "Bop It"............
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I can't do everything.
But I'd do anything for you.
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